Baby C - Teach kids to count

I'm going to be a father in next few months, and like other parents, I read books to learn how to raise a kid in proper way. Last week, I learned from "Kindergarten is Too Late" (written by Masaru Ibuka):
- Newborn baby can distinguish objects.
- It is much better for child development if his/ her environment has bright color objects and variety of sounds.
So I thought, maybe I should make an app about counting colorful objects, so kids can play with it when they don't have their toys around.
Of course, this app is just a temporary replacement when real toys are not available - kids should never use handheld devices too much.
And because this is made for kids, so there is no ADS, no IAP or any kind of data collection. It is just a "pure" toy.
*** How to play ***
- Screen is split into 2 part: Left and Right
- If there are more objects on the Left, tap on the left screen (and vice versa).
- If your answer is right, your score will increase by 1. Otherwise, your score will decrease by 1.
- This app is made for kids, so there is no stress about time.
Enjoy :)