All my games and apps on Google Play are now free (and no ADS)

Games and apps by Alsatian Studio

I used to make paid games without ads & iap (but earned almost nothing because my games are too simple, and people don't want to pay for them -- that's reasonable)

But recently, I've thought about making free games without ads & iap (basically games like the good old time), because I have a full time job and don't really need much money; and if my games go viral, I may find other way to monetize (ask for donation?). But I've pretty busy & lazy lately :(

Now I think I should not postpone anymore, starting by making current games free. You can check them here:

How to Upgrade Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04.1 (Available Now)

Ubuntu 20.04.1 was released on August 06th 2020, but is not available to be upgraded for 18.04 users (until today - Sep 30th). That was a really long wait (I've been a bit frustrated, to be honest), but now it is here.

So, to upgrade to 20.04.1, just doing these simple steps:

1. Upgrade the installed packages of Ubuntu version 18.04
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt autoclean

2. Upgrade Ubuntu
$ sudo do-release-upgrade

Note: just type "y" & Enter if asked.

A short and clean "About Me" template in HTML & CSS

I just made a concise "About Me" template page (with HTML and CSS only). You can host this for free on github (like me). This may impress your potential recruiters, because building and setting up your own page is cooler than using existing services like

Live Demo:

To start, download or clone the repo here:
You need to know basic HTML, CSS and GitHub Page.

Random photo to make this less  boring
Random photo to make this less  boring

List of underrated Arcade Games by Gameskeys.Net

Gameskeys.Net compiled a list of interesting arcade games, and I'm really happy to see my game Boxes Drop there.

Please take a look at their list here: 

My paid games gone free for several days

All my paid games (Brumpfus Hopeless Chase, Motivate Me! Encourage Me!, Carus Speedus, Boxes Drop - Tower block) gone free for several days. Please give them a try!

Link on Google Play Store

Brumpfus Hopeless Chase - Endless chasing game for Android

This is an unique and fun endless runner: Rocks, flying saw blades and men will chase you, and you have to avoid them by running around your village. With cute, toony graphic & awesome sound fx, you will love this!

You are living in your beautiful and peaceful village and everything is perfectly fine and people loves each other. But then something happened, and then your people went crazy. God is now angry and starts throwing rocks at people. Saw blades are flying around and kill people, too. Can you survive this?

Download from Google Playstore

How to play
  • Control the direction using joystick. Left hand OR right hand are both okay.
  • Avoid rocks, flying saw blades and other men. They will chase you until the end, be careful
  • Eating stars to earn protection (protect you from rocks and men, but not flying saw blades and bombs!)
  • Bomb will explode soon after being touched. Use it to trap enemies
  • Don't die & have fun :D
  • Fun & unique gameplay
  • 3D Toon style Graphic & awesome sound FX: 5/7
  • No Ads or IAP

Carus Speedus - Fun and cute driving game for Mobile

●●● INTRO ●●●
You're driving on the street to earn some money, but is life easy on you?

●●● HOW TO PLAY ●●●
- Touch on the left of screen to turn left, touch on the right of the screen to turn right
- Avoid other cars and sidewalk.
- Eating stars to earn more money
- Use money to buy more cars
- Have fun :D


●●● GAMEPLAY ●●●