Adventure in the forest

Little John is going into the wood to find gold ore, but that place is filled with a lot of zombies. Little John can go up, down, left, right and throw gold bar at zombies faces to destroy them, but of course, gold bar is heavy and he cannot throw a lot of them quickly.
Can you guide him through the forest, full of zombies to find gold ore?
Tip: Gold ore is always located in one of comers of the forest.

Game Play

Car of Monster - Ludum Dare 33

"You drive a car, and you destroy all poor people who are hungry and thirsty, seeking for food and water."
This is the spirit of the game I made for Ludum Dare 33 #ldjam #LDJAM :D
If you like this, please vote for me on Ludum Dare:

Use Arrow to control your car. Shoot with Left Ctrl (small Fire) and Left Alt (big Fire) Or just destroy those poor people with your awesome car.

- Gameplay -

-Update -
* Increase the power of weapons
* Increase the hardness of game
* Show score

Download for Win/ Mac/ Linux (Gamejolt)

Developed by Alsatian Studio

Baby C - Teach kids to count

I'm going to be a father in next few months, and like other parents, I read books to learn how to raise a kid in proper way. Last week, I learned from "Kindergarten is Too Late" (written by Masaru Ibuka):
- Newborn baby can distinguish objects.
- It is much better for child development if his/ her environment has bright color objects and variety of sounds.
So I thought, maybe I should make an app about counting colorful objects, so kids can play with it when they don't have their toys around.
Of course, this app is just a temporary replacement when real toys are not available - kids should never use handheld devices too much.
And because this is made for kids, so there is no ADS, no IAP or any kind of data collection. It is just a "pure" toy.
*** How to play ***
- Screen is split into 2 part: Left and Right
- If there are more objects on the Left, tap on the left screen (and vice versa).
- If your answer is right, your score will increase by 1. Otherwise, your score will decrease by 1.
- This app is made for kids, so there is no stress about time.
Enjoy :)

Jenny and Magic Lamps

Jenny is traveling around the world to collect Magic Lamps, but some filthy men don't allow her to do so!
Jenny can only run and jump. She can out run those men quite easily, but she also can destroy them by jump on their head.
Can Jenny finish her mission?
This game is made for Ludumdare Game Jam 32 #ldjam, and will be added more features soon.
Link to Ludum Dare submission:

Just another classic 2D Platformer game

So I'm making a classic 2D platformer game (like Super Mario Bros). It will be on Android, iOS, and Windows app store .

Game Design
X is a professional boxer, and when coming back from Lonely Mountain after a self-training course, he finds out that all people has been imprisoned by robots. Now he is the only hope of humankind.
There should be 4 levels (with 5 sub-levels each) - represent the 4 seasons. X must finds his own way through robot army, mazes to meet M.O, the mother of robots, to convince her to leave in peace.
This is what I've done so far:

... [to be continued]

Making a game to propose to my girlfriend (now is my lovely wife) :D

Last year, I made this game to propose to my girlfriend (spoiler: she said "YES"). My ideas were:
- Make a game where my gf is the main character (her nickname is Fructozo)
- Fructozo can jump (and fight?)
- Enemies are beast, bad giants and so on.
- At first, Fructozo can only jump to avoid enemies (or activates traps to kill them). But later she will have ability to fire/ punch or something.
- The game story: I (a jungle man) run to her in middle of forest (!?), and why I am introducing myself to her, a freaking big flying dinosaur (Ugh... a pterosaur?) appears from out of nowhere, and takes me away. So Fructozo has to find and rescue me.
I am working on the next level ( this game should have about 20 levels with 5 bosses).

New Year: Jumpstart

12 months, 12 levels, 12 problems,... Shall you pass? Let's jump!
Ps. You will see a new quote/ advice on each level.
*** This game is FREE, NO ADS, NO IAP. If you find it interesting, please purchase :) ***

Chicken Run Free

The farmer is gonna have chicken for dinner, so Lady Henrietta must escape her fate. But the winter is out there...
Enjoy this endless runner game in winter style in this winter. 
Wish you a happy new year!
Ps. This game is free and NO ADS or IAP.