Brumpfus Hopeless Chase - Endless chasing game for Android

This is an unique and fun endless runner: Rocks, flying saw blades and men will chase you, and you have to avoid them by running around your village. With cute, toony graphic & awesome sound fx, you will love this!

You are living in your beautiful and peaceful village and everything is perfectly fine and people loves each other. But then something happened, and then your people went crazy. God is now angry and starts throwing rocks at people. Saw blades are flying around and kill people, too. Can you survive this?

Download from Google Playstore

How to play
  • Control the direction using joystick. Left hand OR right hand are both okay.
  • Avoid rocks, flying saw blades and other men. They will chase you until the end, be careful
  • Eating stars to earn protection (protect you from rocks and men, but not flying saw blades and bombs!)
  • Bomb will explode soon after being touched. Use it to trap enemies
  • Don't die & have fun :D
  • Fun & unique gameplay
  • 3D Toon style Graphic & awesome sound FX: 5/7
  • No Ads or IAP