[Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8] Pass the Ball

Pass The Ball is a funny game in which you have to pass the ball to your fellows as fast as possible - if chasers touch your ball, you are done :D
There are 5 levels, and you have to score (by shoot on the yellow - blink star) 10 or more times to unlock next level. Be aware! Chasers will become angrier and faster. From level 4, both of them can teleport - which is not very nice for you :D
How to play:
- You can shoot only when the ball stays at one of players.
- Aim for the yellow - blink star, for it will bring score to you - and to unlock the next level
- There are 2 chasers: the Runner and the Ambush-er, and I do not need to explain more about their strategies, right?


More info please visit developer's homepage:

- App title icon made by Deevad @opengameart.org
- Other game assets from Kenney.nl