[WP, Android] New Year: Jumpstart

12 months, 12 levels, 12 problems,... Shall you pass? Let's jump!
Ps. You will see a new quote/ advice on each level.
*** This game is FREE, NO ADS, NO IAP. If you find it interesting, please purchase :) ***

[WP, Android]Chicken Run Free

The farmer is gonna have chicken for dinner, so Lady Henrietta must escape her fate. But the winter is out there...
Enjoy this endless runner game in winter style in this winter. 
Wish you a happy new year!
Ps. This game is free and NO ADS or IAP.

Zombies: Deads Fall - Available for Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8

Angry zombies are falling from the sky! How to deal with this? Can you survive in a world of insane zombies with bazooka, rifle, pistol and grenade? Let play this crazy and funny zombie game to find out!
How to play:
- Tap on the right of the screen to jump
- Tap on the left of the screen to fire
- Obviously, you should void zombies at all cost, and please do not fall in the water also.
- Eat Star to increase Score, and get new Weapon
Install this funny platform runner game and start fighting zombies!
* This game also includes 6 fantastic soundtracks!

[Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8] Pass the Ball

Pass The Ball is a funny game in which you have to pass the ball to your fellows as fast as possible - if chasers touch your ball, you are done :D
There are 5 levels, and you have to score (by shoot on the yellow - blink star) 10 or more times to unlock next level. Be aware! Chasers will become angrier and faster. From level 4, both of them can teleport - which is not very nice for you :D
How to play:
- You can shoot only when the ball stays at one of players.
- Aim for the yellow - blink star, for it will bring score to you - and to unlock the next level
- There are 2 chasers: the Runner and the Ambush-er, and I do not need to explain more about their strategies, right?

Asteroids War

I can describe this game as "An Old Space fighter game with retro pixel design and modern gameplay" (there are even 2 game mode!).

Game play: Fight enemies, avoid asteroids and you will be fine. Tap on screen to move your ship (it will fly & fire at touched point)
In the hard mode (Flame icon), only main engine works, so good luck with Zero Gravity environment.

Credit: Special thanks: wuhu and other artists @opengameart.org for their great free assets :)

[Funny App] One Line Jokes

This tiny app brings you thousands "One Line" Jokes like:

"Q: Why does a squirrle swim on its back? A: To keep its nuts dry"

"You know you're getting older when... Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you."

"I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any."

"Dead people are cool"

The adventure of Awesome Pussy in Sweetland

Check out my new - fun - flappy bird game style. The purpose is fly your pussy as far as possible, while avoiding candies. Here's game play