Tank vs Zombies - Update for May 24th 2016

Use a mighty tank to protect your beautiful village from those filthy zombies!
How to play:
  • Don't let those zombies touch your village's well, or you will lose
  • You can kill zombies by shooting or run over them
  • Zombies with difference colors have difference strength
  • Arrow key to move, Mouse to aim and shoot
  • Better graphic
  • Tank now uses a machine/ laze gun instead of a cannon

Tank vs Zombies by Alsatian Studio

If you are looking for a 3D Top-down Twin stick tank vs zombies shooter game, looking no more!
Your land is being invaded by zombies! Let drive the mighty tank into battle!
  • Kill zombies by shoot or run over them.
  • Eat gold chests to gain money; and use money to buy auto-turrets and explosion barrels
  • Arrow keys to move
  • Mouse to aim and shoot. Left mouse to shoot laze; right mouse to shoot a cannon ball. Cannon ball is really powerful, and is able to destroy a big group of zombie (even you if you stand too close). But cannon ball is not free: $10 per shoot!
  • Click on Buy button to buy turrets (hot key T) and explosion barrels (hot key B) . Turrets and xplosion barrels will be placed in the back of the tank when bought.
    UPDATE for July 1st 2016
    • Now you can shoot zombies with cannon ball. Cannon ball is really powerful, and is able to destroy a big group of zombie (even you if you stand too close). But cannon ball is not free: $10 per shoot!
    • Now game comes with 1st mission: defense your village in 6 mins (3 mins day; 3 mins night).
    Download Tank vs Zombies from Gamejolt

    UPDATE for June 17th 2016
    • Add abilities to buy turrets and explosion barrels
    • Add more types of zombies. Now there are faster, stronger zombies. Gameplay now is better and funnier
    The game is in development and more features are coming. In the next version, enemies will have the abilities to fight back; and there will be another levels, where you conquer and liberate villages.

    Tank vs Zombies twinstick shooter

    Car of Monster, now available for Windows 10

    "You drive a car, and you destroy all poor people who are hungry and thirsty, seeking for food and water."
    This is the spirit of the game I made for Ludum Dare 33 #ldjam #LDJAM :D

    Use Arrow to control your car. Shoot with Left Ctrl (small Fire) and Left Alt (big Fire) Or just destroy those poor people with your awesome car.

    - Gameplay -


    No Crossing (Please)

    Protect our precious pizzas! Smash aliens with car and ball!
    Tap screen to drive your car forward (Your car always rotates). Don't let those blue aliens touch Pizza Store.
    Screen shoot

    No Crossing - Android

    Make a demo video to show off your game asset with Unity

    0. Please download demo project from this link (If you don't want to download the whole project, you can find CameraController.cs script at the end of this blog post). You can open this project with Unity 5.0 (or newer), press play, and move your camera around with arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right), and zoom in (Left Ctrl or Left Mouse button), zoom out (Left Alt or Right Mouse button).
    Now, to make a good demo video for your assets, you should:
    1. Prepare scene which you want to make video for.
    2. Disable your current camera
    3. Create a new camera, setup its position, angle... so you can have a nice view. Then add Rigidbody to it (remember to uncheck "Use Gravity"). Then add CameraController.cs script (from my project) to it.
    (step 2 and 3: or you can just add Rigidbody & my script to your current camera if you know what you are doing :) )
    4. CameraController.cs has 2 parameter: Move Speed and Zoom Speed. I think you know what do them mean. The bigger number, the faster your camera moves. I think "1" is good enough.
    5. Now press Play and move around to see if you are happy with it.
    6. Once you are happy with result, then build a Executable for PC (Win/ Mac/ Linux, depend on your OS).
    7. Now run your Executable that you just created, move your camera around to show your beautiful works, and use some programs to record your screen. My favorite screen record program is OBS. You can find a tutorial about it here. Just a note, about Video Bitrates, I think 9999 is ok (you can use higher number for better quality, but I think 9999 is good enough).
    8. Output video will be stored (by default) at your Videos folder (on Windows, it is C:\Users\<yourUserName>\Videos. I'm not sure about Mac or Linux).
    9. Enjoy.

    Demo Evgenia made a demo video with my code:


    Feel free to ask me anything you do not understand clearly.

    Adventure in the forest

    Little John is going into the wood to find gold ore, but that place is filled with a lot of zombies. Little John can go up, down, left, right and throw gold bar at zombies faces to destroy them, but of course, gold bar is heavy and he cannot throw a lot of them quickly.
    Can you guide him through the forest, full of zombies to find gold ore?
    Tip: Gold ore is always located in one of comers of the forest.

    Game Play